The Wheel of Fortune game has excited, thrilled and entertained people forever and even after so many years its appeal hasn’t faded even the slightest. The Wheel of Fortune slots, which is an adaptation of the show itself, is equally engaging and popular and comes in a variety of formats, like Double Diamond, Five Times Pay, Red, White, and Blue Wild Star and many more.

The slot machines have a free spin symbol that enables the players to receive a bonus payoff which can be anything from 25 coins to 1,000 coins. A wheel of fortune, mounted at the top of the machine, determines the amount of bonus that will be received and the wheel rotates when the user presses the corresponding button to spin it.

The bonus sum, the chance of winning thousands of dollars, the lights, the sounds, and many other factors contribute in building up the excitement of the players and keeping them glued to it. But of course, just like any game which involves money, this too has a few risks involved and the players should be cautious and well aware before they start feeding their money to the machines.

The Slot- Machines are electronic gaming machines and are regulated by random number generators, percentage paybacks and computer chips. The paybacks differ from machine to machine depending on whether it is a progressive one or a stand-alone one. If the machines are not linked to a progressive jackpot then they are known as stand- alone machines and each of these machines has a different jackpot.

The experts say that the casinos earn way more than the players do. The players are enticed and intrigued by the huge million dollar jackpot but the chances of winning it are extremely low, about 50 million to one. Also most of the payouts are around 88 percent which, however, should be 94-95 percent.

The regulators like the Illinois Gaming Board gave a directive that progressives in a bank should have equally the same payback.  But each machine can have a different payback if they are not progressives.  A few manufacturers offer a wide range of paybacks that the users can select from. The range may vary for various operators and depending on the denomination of the machines. Like the Quarter Machines give about 90 to 92 percent payback but this can even go below the 80% sometimes whereas the mark set in the Dollar Machines is in the mid 90s or higher.

Another important thing that the players should be aware of is that the Wheel of Fortunes machines are three coin machines and for the player to be eligible for the top award and bonus spin, he has to deposit the maximum number of coins or three dollars on every spin. This is obviously very expensive considering that the game, in fact, is a recreational one and the odds in your favour are way too low. Also, the free spin features of the Wheel of Fortunes machines are programmed for a lower payback when compared to the average paybacks of the One Dollar machines.

So make sure that you are well aware of all the facts, figures, ‘twists’ and catches of the Wheel of Fortunes machines before you get smitten by their charm and start fluttering away your money.

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