Harrahs Casino

Of all the casino firms Harrah’s is the most diversified. In its attitude to the world of gaming Harrah’s is also the most varied. Harrah’s is frequently well in front when gaming firms are seeking growth possibilities. It has tribal connections and in every place you’ll find Harrah’s a leader: as a casino operator and in negotiating with social groups in states which are learning gaming. When California, Massachusetts and Connecticut are negotiating with them they are constantly expanding.  

The previous week, the town municipality resolved to introduce gambling into the town’s commercial park, where Harrah’s Entertainment from Las Vegas together with the Narragansett tribe of Indians intends to erect a casino in the manner of a resort. According to the Providence Journal, from the 3rd of March, 2003, it was confirmed last week, that the contract terms stated that for the studying the local consequences of gambling Harrah’s is to remunerate the town.

Liz Benson reported in the Las Vegas Sun on the third of June 2003 that the Harrah’s Rincon Casino and Resort close to San Diego  is run by Harrah’s Entertainment Incorporated for the Rincon San Luiseno Band of Mission Indians. The latter has lately merged with a twenty one California tribes coalition evolving into the first in the state in an official capacity to declare their wish to negotiate driving up income from casinos together with the state in return for settling a number of issues and principally for increasing the amount of slot machines in their casinos.

Thomas C. Palmer Jr. reported in the Boston Globe on 26 March 2002 that Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.’s chief executive claimed yesterday that he considered that regarding Massachusetts the future chances of permitting casinos into the state were only fifty-fifty.  

In a number of other sectors, Harrah’s also paved the way this month for the others in the industry. Harrah’s doesn’t just profit exposure to prime time’s huge number of viewers as a result of this Wheel of Fortune contract, but in addition obtains entry to a data bank of sweepstake registration subscribers.   

PRNewswire-FirstCall, in Yahoo Business reported on the 3 March 2003 that the number one most rated syndicated series on TV, Wheel of Fortune and Harrah’s Entertainment Inc, put their pens to a mutual promotion agreement merging for the first time two of the industry’s giants. The in-show Wheel of Fortune’s hundred thousand dollar prize will be sponsored by Harrah’s. Furthermore, advertising spots of ten seconds each will be broadcast each day while the show is on and will goad adult viewers to access the Internet site to the sweepstake win worth one hundred thousand dollars. Vanna White the Wheel of Fortune’s co-host will hand over the check to the one lucky winning guy when the finalist from the May draw will compete for the top prize.

Undoubtedly the dimensions certainly have clout.  Due to its vast size, Harrah’s could undertake negotiations in Iowa for a distinct tax agreement. This can only be understood if you take into consideration Harrah’s casinos and racetrack where further outlay in each sphere offsets the other’s profits.

On 28 March 2003, the Gaming Industry Weekly Report reported that agreeing with Iowa State HET received a thirty percent tax rate for their Casino and Bluffs Run Racetrack. HET maintains the second highest revenue from river boating in the state and at the moment they have to pay twenty percent tax as do riverboats. However if the United States Supreme Court decides to go back on its resolution they will have to pay anything between thirty two and thirty six percent and possibly would be committed to pay the difference for the months on the twenty percent. This means that if they make payments of thirty percent at Bluffs Run, less than what they had to pay this time during the preceding year, and in exchange the riverboat does not get an increase then they will be leading for sure.

Harrah’s has not yet sensed the force of battle during the first week’s battle with casinos in virtually every sphere of law and client base diversification.

On 25 March 2003, Yahoo Finance at Reuters reported that there has been no modification in Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.’s prediction for 2003’s revenue expansion in spite of the ongoing strife in Iraq. On Tuesday, Loveman, the head executive of the third casino operator claimed before correspondents that their business has maintained its level very positively. This was claimed after he had discussed at a meeting with the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties’ state chapter the possibility for gambling in the state of Massachusetts.

None of us, including Harrah’s, can really know so early what can be anticipated, apart from the fact that Harrah’s will carry on endeavoring to come up with unusual solutions to the problems in this sphere and to increase its income level to the highest possible level.  


It has a Bonus Feature and a wild, multiplier symbol. You must bet three coins per spin in order to qualify to play for the Bonus Feature.

How to Play the Slot Machine Game of Wheel of Fortune.

Before playing the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine, the player needs to click on the Payout Table in order to select the number of coins he wishes to bet. You can also click on the Bet One button in order to select the number of coins you might want to bet. Every time you click on the Bet One button you increase the number of coins being bet by one. You are also given the option of clicking on the Bet Max button. When the player does this the maximum number of coins allowed is bet and the reels also automatically spin.

After placing your bet by clicking on the number of coins that you wish to wager, you click on the Spin button. At this point the reels begin spinning. In the event that a winning combination lines up on the payline, at the same time this win is indicated on the payout table of the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine. At this point the game ends and the player receives a payout of the winning amount as shown in the Payout Table.

If no winning combination appears, the game is considered as being over.

Features of the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Game.

The Wild, Multiplier Symbol of The Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

The Wheel of Fortune contains a multiplier symbol which is classed as a wild symbol. This symbol may be used as a substitute for any other of the available symbols in order to make up a winning combination. When using just one Wheel of Fortune symbol this will double the payout for any combination that it might complete. When there are 2 Wheel of Fortune symbols employed, the payout can be quadrupled. When three Wheel of Fortune symbols appear on the payline this is considered as being a winning combination, and this appears in the payout table of the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine.

Here are Some Examples:

The winning combination of a single Cherry symbol is completed by a single Wheel of Fortune symbol situated on the payline. When 2 coins have been bet, this single Cherry symbol combination results in a payout of 2 coins. When however, a Wheel of Fortune symbol appears in the displayed, the payout is 2 x 2, which is 4 coins.

When two Wheel of Fortune symbols appear and there is a 3-Bar symbol on the payline, these combine so as to produce a combination of three 3-Bar symbols. When 2 coins have been bet, the payout is 160 coins. When however, there appear two Wheel of Fortune symbols on the payline, the payout is now 160 x 4, or 640 coins.

A Description of The Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Bonus Feature

In order to qualify for this Bonus Feature, it is necessary that three coins be bet per spin. If three coins have been bet, and a Spin symbol is seen to appear on the payline by the third reel, this activates the Bonus Feature. The following is done in order to play the Bonus Feature:

In the case of the Special Bonus Feature there is a wheel that consists of twenty segments. A credit amount labels each segment. The player either clicks the Spin Wheel button, or the Wheel. As the Wheel stops, there is an arrow that points to the number of credits the player has won.

To return to the main screen, the player clicks the Back to Game button.

Class Action

A fifteen million dollar class action has been filed in Michigan against a well known chain of casinos. The suit claims that the chain in question obtained wagers through misrepresentation and fraud to gamers, in breach of several state and federal statutes.

Some slot machines in these casinos have a bonus wheel feature. That means that you can win a certain feature on the machine where you press a button and an actual physical “wheel of fortune” spins round on the top of the machine, just like its namesake in the famous game show.

The wheel spins quickly at first, then slower, until finally the wheel comes to rest and the pointer is left in one of the segments of the wheel, which indicates a particular prize, ranging from something small to the highest jackpot that can possibly be won in the casino.

However there are two differences between the game show wheel and the casino bonus spin wheel. Firstly, the game show wheel is spun by hand, by the contestant, whereas in the casino the bonus wheel is spun by the gamer pressing a button.

Secondly, and most crucially, the game show wheel is not weighted and so a spin of the wheel made with at least a minimal degree of physical strength gave the player a truly random equal chance of ending with the pointer in any one of the segments.

However, as the spin of the casino’s bonus wheels is controlled by computer, and as computers are incapable of generating truly random numbers, a player “spinning” the bonus wheel had the result predetermined by the computer which would weigh the results heavily towards the prizes at the lower end of the cash spectrum.

The plaintiff’s case contends as follows: because the casino slot machines with the bonus wheels were marketed using the same names and catchphrases as the game show, and because the odds of winning on a spin were at no point provided to the gamer, the gamer was induced to spend money as wagers on an essentially false premise.

At first sight it would seem that the suit has a good chance of success. After all, the odds of most casino games are displayed, and woe betide a casino that uses underhand means to change those advertised odds. If you keep your eyes peeled in a casino you will see that the odds for the slot machines are usually also displayed, and this was indeed the case in the casinos named as respondents in the class action.

However the true odds for the bonus wheel were never displayed, and impartial legal observers generally agree that the plaintiffs seem to have sincerely believed that every prize on the bonus wheel had an equal chance of coming up (in actual fact, they were weighted towards the lower end).

However, the respondents are bullish on their chances of fending off the suit, and their pockets are certainly deep enough to fight this all the way. A spokesperson for the casino chain points out that in all the states with legalized gaming right across the U.S.A. there is an authority that must certify every game in the casino as fair to the gamer.

The slot machines in question received this certification when they were initially rolled out to the public and they have been re-certified as fair in all subsequent reviews. It seems like this will be the mainstay of their legal defense.

There is real uncertainty within the gaming industry regarding how this case will be decided if it goes all the way. The damages could be high because since casinos started giving tax receipts to players showing details of winnings, players will be able to prove their winnings from the bonus wheel.

A court adjudicating damages could therefore take these numbers and factor in true random odds (about one in twenty) instead of the real odds applied to the jackpot (this was never random but the chance was effectively thousands to one). Whatever the outcome, we can certainly expect that after this case is settled, casinos will be taking care to include the bonus wheel odds in the small print.