Limited Participation

What is the reason that not all the casinos possess their most popular slot machines was a question posed recently by several readers. From these readers, some were followers of Wheel of Fortune while lots of other readers were huge Monopoly fans. Although the two games could be found easily at the majority of casinos, the readers complained that the trouble was they were occupied most of the time. The problem is why should they have to wait in line and why aren�t these favorites more accessible?

There is a common bond shared by the Wheel of Fortune game and Monopoly although the games differ from one another and are produced by the same firms. Revenue participation games are the name of such games as recognized in the world of casinos. A casino does not purchase the machine when it sets up a participation game. The manufacturer owns the machine and both the casino and maker share the game�s income.    

Installing a participation game by a casino means that the managers must be persuaded of its popularity and that the share of the income enjoyed by the casino will be higher than that of possible revenue when purchasing a not so popular game and having all the revenue.  

There are casinos which do not in any way sign contracts for revenue sharing. The crux of the matter is that there are producers who frequently promote on the market as participation games their most up-to-date favorite games. Like their clients, the majority of casinos cannot withstand the temptation of operating Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly.

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