Online games have been popular for the last decade, with computers becoming more and more accessible to the average person. Not only adults, but children also gain many advantages through online games. Both adults and children also get to experience the fun and excitement that comes with online games. Online games fill up our times of boredom, stress and monotonous lifestyles. Where some children do not have sufficient space to play such as a playground, online games provide a solace and become their mystical playground. Many of these online games are easy to learn to play and this is one of the reasons why online games have increased in popularity in the past few years. Some of these games are games like Casino Roulette Online, Computer Poker, Red and Black, Guess the Sound, USA Poker and Wheels of Salvation, all of which you can find here in our Games section for your enjoyment.

There are different types of online games you can play on the internet based on various storylines and themes.

Action Game
Action games generally consists of a central character, where the avatar must navigate through the storyline collecting some form of objects, battling enemies, avoiding obstacles and other various attacks.

Board Game
Board games online are similar to real life board games such as chess and scrabble. An online board game just needs a player and the click of a mouse.

Sports Game
Sports games are also life like and are related to real life sports that we often play indoors or outdoors including sports like ice hockey, volleyball, baseball and soccer.

Racing Game
Racing game is usually competing with another player racing from the beginning of a track to the end of a track, before the timer runs out.

Puzzle Game
Puzzle games include problem solving tests such as logic, word completion and math quizzes.

Fighting Game
Fighting games consist of on screen characters fighting against each other or engaging with an opponent in close combat.

Adventure Game
Adventure games are based on a storyline where the role of the hero is taken on by the player, and an interactive story is woven out on screen. There are a number of elements in an adventure game including theme, puzzle solving and exploration.

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