Harrahs Casino

Of all the casino firms Harrah’s is the most diversified. In its attitude to the world of gaming Harrah’s is also the most varied. Harrah’s is frequently well in front when gaming firms are seeking growth possibilities. It has tribal connections and in every place you’ll find Harrah’s a leader: as a casino operator and […]


It has a Bonus Feature and a wild, multiplier symbol. You must bet three coins per spin in order to qualify to play for the Bonus Feature. How to Play the Slot Machine Game of Wheel of Fortune. Before playing the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine, the player needs to click on the Payout Table […]

Class Action

A fifteen million dollar class action has been filed in Michigan against a well known chain of casinos. The suit claims that the chain in question obtained wagers through misrepresentation and fraud to gamers, in breach of several state and federal statutes. Some slot machines in these casinos have a bonus wheel feature. That means […]