Online games have been popular for the last decade, with computers becoming more and more accessible to the average person. Not only adults, but children also gain many advantages through online games. Both adults and children also get to experience the fun and excitement that comes with online games. Online games fill up our times […]

Expert Guide

Every time I am inside a casino, I see players standing in front of the progressive machines and playing less than maximum coins. What this actually means is that you are feeding the machine and bumping up the jackpot with no chance of winning it yourself. The full jackpot can only be won by playing […]

Slot Machines

Industry leaders rolled out their new machines for the coming year at the end of 2005. Almost all the big offerings for this year are exploiting new video features and themes. “Video” is the big word this year. Not all of these roll-outs made it onto the floor though, because when a theme used is […]

Slot History

Slot machines have come a long way in the last twenty or so years, as all of us except the very youngest gamers will remember. Before the digital revolution of the nineteen eighties, the choice of slot machines offered to a gamer was a little like the choice of model T Fords offered to a […]


Play a game of slots in any land-based or online casino and the game will use some sort of random number generator (RNG). In the past, casinos used a simple RNG to randomise the numbers. The problem with this version is it only randomised numbers during play itself. Perceptive players in land-based casinos could predict […]


The Wheel of Fortune game has excited, thrilled and entertained people forever and even after so many years its appeal hasn’t faded even the slightest. The Wheel of Fortune slots, which is an adaptation of the show itself, is equally engaging and popular and comes in a variety of formats, like Double Diamond, Five Times […]


Payouts for the Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine Once the reels stop spinning, the winnings payout for the Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine is dependent on which symbols are displayed on the payline. The Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine game payout table summarizes the payout schedule. Featured are all of the figures indicating the number […]

Jackpot Stories

If you really want to know the answer to the question “what are the big cash winners playing in the casinos”, the answer is: they are playing the slot machines with progressive jackpots. Here are some true stories from some recent lucky winners: Riches to Rags to RichesPaul Cook of Springfield, Illinois was not enjoying […]


The classic Wheel of Fortune, originally a television game show created by Merv Griffin that first aired on American television in 1975, was adapted into many video games after 1986.  The contestants of the game spin a giant carnival like wheel which determines the prize/cash that they can win and they then solve various word […]