Online games have been popular for the last decade, with computers becoming more and more accessible to the average person. Not only adults, but children also gain many advantages through online games. Both adults and children also get to experience the fun and excitement that comes with online games. Online games fill up our times of boredom, stress and monotonous lifestyles. Where some children do not have sufficient space to play such as a playground, online games provide a solace and become their mystical playground. Many of these online games are easy to learn to play and this is one of the reasons why online games have increased in popularity in the past few years. Some of these games are games like Casino Roulette Online, Computer Poker, Red and Black, Guess the Sound, USA Poker and Wheels of Salvation, all of which you can find here in our Games section for your enjoyment.

There are different types of online games you can play on the internet based on various storylines and themes.

Action Game
Action games generally consists of a central character, where the avatar must navigate through the storyline collecting some form of objects, battling enemies, avoiding obstacles and other various attacks.

Board Game
Board games online are similar to real life board games such as chess and scrabble. An online board game just needs a player and the click of a mouse.

Sports Game
Sports games are also life like and are related to real life sports that we often play indoors or outdoors including sports like ice hockey, volleyball, baseball and soccer.

Racing Game
Racing game is usually competing with another player racing from the beginning of a track to the end of a track, before the timer runs out.

Puzzle Game
Puzzle games include problem solving tests such as logic, word completion and math quizzes.

Fighting Game
Fighting games consist of on screen characters fighting against each other or engaging with an opponent in close combat.

Adventure Game
Adventure games are based on a storyline where the role of the hero is taken on by the player, and an interactive story is woven out on screen. There are a number of elements in an adventure game including theme, puzzle solving and exploration.

Expert Guide

Every time I am inside a casino, I see players standing in front of the progressive machines and playing less than maximum coins. What this actually means is that you are feeding the machine and bumping up the jackpot with no chance of winning it yourself. The full jackpot can only be won by playing maximum coins.

But there are times when playing minimum coins are not a bad move. Here are examples of when I play max coins and when I consider it prudent to play minimum coins.

On slot machines such as Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune, which are reel-spinning wide-area progressives, I always play max coins. Max coins on these machines is usually two or three coins. It’s the last coin that qualifies me for the progressive jackpot, so I don’t mind playing one or two extra coins to get a chance at this.

When it comes to progressive video slots, I change my thinking. Max coins on these machines can be as high as 45, 90, or even more coins. So on a 45-coin machine, you have to play the first 44 coins before you can play the last coin that qualifies you for the progressive.

Robison’s Rules of Slot Mathematics says that the paybacks on coins played are averaged together, meaning that while the payback on the last coin might be very high due to the progressive, it is spread over the 44 other coins. The progressive raises the overall payback of the machine by very little.

On video slots I usually play one coin per line. I think its not worth ‘nine-timesing’ my bet, if its on a 45-coin machine, in order to take a shot at a remote chance progressive which will have very little effect on the machine’s payback.

Slot Machines

Industry leaders rolled out their new machines for the coming year at the end of 2005. Almost all the big offerings for this year are exploiting new video features and themes. “Video” is the big word this year.

Not all of these roll-outs made it onto the floor though, because when a theme used is deemed by the authorities to be too attractive to minors (for example, “The Simpsons” theme), the machine is banned. Not all of the new video slots that have just hit the casinos this year are based on movies or television however. Let’s take a look and check out the hot new slots in 2006.

Little Green Men
Brought to us by IGT, a hot up and coming new design company that is coming into its own right now within the industry after several years on the sidelines, due to its specialization in the application of video technology. After small forays into the market in previous years they just hit the jackpot with this big hit which can now be found in casinos far beyond Nevada.

The theme here is of course – you guessed it – little green men from beyond the solar system in a galaxy far, far away. There are two bonus games which is a new departure for an IGT-designed slot machine, and the now ubiquitous nine line win line feature is also there.

Jumpin’ Joeys

This offering comes from the Australian company Aristocrat and you would guess this from looking at the machine, because it has a kangaroo theme (“joey” is Australian slang for a baby kangaroo). Aristocrat has already had considerable success with two previous machines which just like this one also have animal themes.

Somewhat predictably, here the baby kangaroo acts as a wild card on the win lines, and the bonus round includes animated joeys happing around all over the place. The most interesting and unique thing about this machine is that it features twenty – that’s right, twenty – win lines.

Although in the U.S.A. it is still unusual to see more than nine win lines on a slot machine, twenty has been the norm in Australia for a while and industry experts think we will see the import of this trend. Bear in mind though, you will not see Jumpin’ Joeys in Las Vegas, due to licensing issues.

Video Yahtzee
Following the success of the Monopoly crossover to the slot machines, here comes Yahtzee, one of most successful board games of all time with fantastic name recognition in the crucial demographic group of gamers that matters the most in terms of profits.

However, this success is not based just on the crossover factors like name recognition. Players and industry experts alike agree that the Mikohn/Sigma team have created something really quite special through clever use of video and design. The machine features two yahtzee-style bonus games where the player is made to feel as though he or she is rolling dice by some nice animation.

Betty Boop’s Love Meter
This is without doubt one of the biggest hits of the year, even though this has come as a surprise because this machine has no video content at all and only one bonus game. The machine’s theme is of course the sexy singer Betty Boop and she is the factor that is doing the selling.

When a player wins on a reel, the bonus game flashes lights up and down a “love-o-meter” tower at the top of the machine, and when the flashing light stops on the winning prize the voice of Betty Boop rates the player as the prize is paid out. This machine is brought to us by Bally Gaming.

Monkey Business
This is just what we have come to expect from Anchor: a complicated and very attractive game with a big video screen and spinning wheels everywhere, creating a total environment which overwhelms the player and provides an intense and enjoyable gaming experience. There are also several bonus features that a player can win. A big success!

Reel ‘Em In Cast For Cash
This is part two from Williams, a successor to their original offering of the same name. The outstanding feature is a big double video screen, but it continues with the fishing theme and provides no big surprises. Comfortable to play and proving quite successful in the casinos.

Easy Street
This has a great bonus game feature that kicks in once you win. Casino bosses congratulate CDS on designing a machine that draws a lot of interest from players just on the strength of the bonus feature. When you get onto the bonus game, a video board lights up and you become a piece in the board game, you throw dice to move around the board.

If you navigate successfully around the board, you move onto part two after picking up some winnings. In part two your piece (Chance the Dog) drives down Easy Street with the chance to pick up further jackpots.

Who Dunnit?
This is a crime themed machine with a bonus that takes the player to the video screen of a fictional crime scene. Solve the crime and win the jackpot. It is not a big hit yet in the casinos but is performing moderately well for Williams.

Spin Poker
IGT in conjunction with Action Gaming have come up with a truly revolutionary slot machine here. It is, effectively, what can only be described as a slot machine version of a poker game. The player spins the reel and receives a line of cards which he or she can then treat like a poker hand, choosing which cards to retain and which to discard, spinning the wheel again in order to receive new cards.

Some casinos are reporting anecdotal evidence of poker players “crossing the floor” over to this slot machine even if they never played slots before. Another really interesting feature of this machine is the wide range of stakes allowed by players per bet – just like real poker. The machine allows single wagers ranging from a quarter of a dollar to two dollars.

Video Wheel of Fortune
Everyone agrees: players, casino executives, and industry journalists and other experts all say this is the hottest slot around. IGT finally hit the jackpot with this machine after making several unsuccessful attempts in the past to convert the “Wheel of Fortune” concept from the famous television game show into a video featured slot machine.

The smartest design feature is that on average over forty percent of all spins (and there are several within the game including bonuses) bring some sort of win for the player, and this is probably the key to its immense popularity. The game is really two games in one, each with a separate bonus system, which adds up to a very attractive package for the player.

Slot History

Slot machines have come a long way in the last twenty or so years, as all of us except the very youngest gamers will remember. Before the digital revolution of the nineteen eighties, the choice of slot machines offered to a gamer was a little like the choice of model T Fords offered to a new driver in the nineteen twenties: “any color you like so long as it’s black”.

The machines all looked and sounded more or less the same: a handle for the player to pull, a window that showed one symbol from each of three wheels such as a bar, a seven, or a gold nugget. The player put in a silver dollar, pulled the handle, the wheels spun round and came to a halt on the pay line one by one, clunk, clunk, clunk.

The player had a chance of winning by getting three in a row from the four or maybe five or six symbols, and the machinery was one hundred percent analog.

With the advent of digital technology, gaming psychologists discovered something that most of us have long suspected: that a seductive digital display with flashing lights and sound is irresistibly attractive to the mind of a player. Of course the old fashioned analog slot machines were also designed to be “addictive” but digital technology allows a far more comprehensive assault upon the senses.

The designers of pinball machines were the first to notice this phenomenon. The more sounds, colors, flashing lights and movement that the player was exposed to, the more “hypnotized” the player became. Studies were conducted between different machines being used by the same players, and gaming psychologists found that players spent more money on the more complicated machines.

So when digital technology opened up a whole myriad of new possibilities for slot machines, it made financial sense for the manufacturers and casinos to take full advantage of these new developments.

While the nineteen eighties saw the digitalization of casino slot machines, the nineteen nineties brought branding. First the features of the slot experience were changed but they remained within the same format of the traditional “wild west” style game with sevens, bars, etc.

But then later, slot manufacturers and casinos began striking commercial licensing deals with organizations such as Hollywood studios and creating themed slot machines using the new digital technology. Successful examples include the “Wheel of Fortune” deal with the famous television game show, and the “Titanic” slot machine (complete with realistic ship’s horn noises) based upon the hit movie of the same name.

The “Monopoly” machine based upon the incredibly popular depression-era board game has also been a big hit. Casinos have certainly been a part of the increasing commercial crossovers and co-ordinations between different segments of the leisure and entertainment industries that we have seen take place within the last decade.

One of the features of this recent expansion of the slot machine has been the increasing prevalence of the bonus game. Yet the question has to be asked, has the bonus game really added anything to the slot machine. In truth, the answer is both yes and no.

The answer is yes because the experience is made more exciting and enjoyable for the player and the spectator, yet the answer is also no because the advent of the bonus game has not actually moved the odds any further in the player’s favor than it previously was anyway.

Programmed winnings for the bonus game are just deducted from the main game, so the odds there actually reduce – although the player overall still enjoys the same odds. This may explain why some sort of reaction against the fad of the bonus game slots has been observed in the big casinos, with some players sticking to the more traditional types of machine.

So slot machines are, after all, still slot machines. The casinos have just found ways to make the machines more attractive which induces the average customer to stake more and more money, and in this enterprise the casinos have been proven to be successful.

The revenues from slot machines have been increasing steadily and still are today although the odds remain the same. The casinos have achieved this feat by two means. Firstly, new technology has made the machines more alluring to the senses.

This attracts more players to the machines and keeps them there as though they are glued to the machine for longer periods of time. Secondly, the reward systems within the games have been increased and made more complex so that the biggest jackpots can only be won by betting the maximum stake.

In other words many machines now will let you bet five or six times the minimum wager while in the past machines usually only let you bet double or triple that – if at all.

So how should you as a slot player relate to all these new developments? Well ask yourself honestly, do you play just to try to win the jackpot or do you have a little fun on the machines as well? Because the odds are pretty much the same whichever machine you choose to play.

Just know yourself and your tendencies and level of self-discipline. If you can play the flashy machines and you enjoy them you might as well provided you don’t let them make you gamble more than you can afford to.


Play a game of slots in any land-based or online casino and the game will use some sort of random number generator (RNG). In the past, casinos used a simple RNG to randomise the numbers. The problem with this version is it only randomised numbers during play itself. Perceptive players in land-based casinos could predict the sequences of the numbers to win a major payday. Even in the online version, it was possible to follow such a system, although it was rarely profitable.

In the modern casino, the pseudo random number generator (PRNG) is the main vehicle used for generating random numbers. This is far superior, as it never stops working. Just because the game is not in play does not mean it stops rapidly generating numbers. Whilst it is on, the machine generates hundreds of numbers each minute. Rather than allowing players to predict the next number, it stops as soon as someone presses the ‘Play’ button. Once the player presses the button, the most recent combination is the number the machine uses for the next spin of the reels. Now it depends entirely on the casino’s payout percentage.

These PRNG machines are more potent than ever. If the gambler spins the reels just a fraction of a second later the result is completely different. It is impossible to predict, therefore the casino holds all the power.

It does not make the PRNG a foolproof way to defeat perceptive gamblers looking to predict the order of the machine. If it does not contain a quality RNG implementation, the PRNG will eventually repeat its sequence. Smart gamblers could time each instance they press the ‘Play’ button to try and get the same result each time. Shorter randomisation periods make a machine extremely vulnerable to prediction, but if it is particularly long, it is almost impossible.

One example of a PRNG gone wrong is when Ronald Dale Harris, who used to program slot machines, used a series of complicated equations to predict the next set of numbers and symbols in games like Keno. Essentially, it made him the ultimate casino player since the impact of the PRNG was effectively nullified.

By implementing long randomisation periods, even programmers of the machine cannot predict the next set of numbers with any significant success.

Overall, both online slots and land-based slots games are effectively unbeatable. Of course, they are still extremely enjoyable to play, but do not expect any miracle strategies. Now winning or losing is completely in the hands of Lady Luck!


The Wheel of Fortune game has excited, thrilled and entertained people forever and even after so many years its appeal hasn’t faded even the slightest. The Wheel of Fortune slots, which is an adaptation of the show itself, is equally engaging and popular and comes in a variety of formats, like Double Diamond, Five Times Pay, Red, White, and Blue Wild Star and many more.

The slot machines have a free spin symbol that enables the players to receive a bonus payoff which can be anything from 25 coins to 1,000 coins. A wheel of fortune, mounted at the top of the machine, determines the amount of bonus that will be received and the wheel rotates when the user presses the corresponding button to spin it.

The bonus sum, the chance of winning thousands of dollars, the lights, the sounds, and many other factors contribute in building up the excitement of the players and keeping them glued to it. But of course, just like any game which involves money, this too has a few risks involved and the players should be cautious and well aware before they start feeding their money to the machines.

The Slot- Machines are electronic gaming machines and are regulated by random number generators, percentage paybacks and computer chips. The paybacks differ from machine to machine depending on whether it is a progressive one or a stand-alone one. If the machines are not linked to a progressive jackpot then they are known as stand- alone machines and each of these machines has a different jackpot.

The experts say that the casinos earn way more than the players do. The players are enticed and intrigued by the huge million dollar jackpot but the chances of winning it are extremely low, about 50 million to one. Also most of the payouts are around 88 percent which, however, should be 94-95 percent.

The regulators like the Illinois Gaming Board gave a directive that progressives in a bank should have equally the same payback.  But each machine can have a different payback if they are not progressives.  A few manufacturers offer a wide range of paybacks that the users can select from. The range may vary for various operators and depending on the denomination of the machines. Like the Quarter Machines give about 90 to 92 percent payback but this can even go below the 80% sometimes whereas the mark set in the Dollar Machines is in the mid 90s or higher.

Another important thing that the players should be aware of is that the Wheel of Fortunes machines are three coin machines and for the player to be eligible for the top award and bonus spin, he has to deposit the maximum number of coins or three dollars on every spin. This is obviously very expensive considering that the game, in fact, is a recreational one and the odds in your favour are way too low. Also, the free spin features of the Wheel of Fortunes machines are programmed for a lower payback when compared to the average paybacks of the One Dollar machines.

So make sure that you are well aware of all the facts, figures, ‘twists’ and catches of the Wheel of Fortunes machines before you get smitten by their charm and start fluttering away your money.


Payouts for the Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine

Once the reels stop spinning, the winnings payout for the Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine is dependent on which symbols are displayed on the payline. The Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine game payout table summarizes the payout schedule. Featured are all of the figures indicating the number of coins to be won dependent of each combination. When playing this slot machine, the Wheel of Wealth symbol acts as a wild card and may be substituted for each of the other symbols so as to complete a winning combination.

  • An exception is made in that the Wheel of Wealth symbol cannot serve as a substitute for a Spin symbol to in order to activate the Bonus Feature.
  • To play the Bonus Feature, it is necessary to have bet three coins per spin in order to qualify. You cannot qualify to play the bonus game if you have bet only one or two coins and then the Spin symbol appears on the payline by the third reel.
  • If 3 Wheel of Wealth symbols appear by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 1,000 in return. If 2 coins were played, 2,000 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 5,000 is the winning payout.
  • If 3 3-Bar symbols appear by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 80 in return. If 2 coins were played, 160 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 240 is the winning payout.
  • If 3 2-Bar symbols appear by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 40 in return. If 2 coins were played, 80 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 120 is the winning payout.
  • If 3 1-Bar symbols appear by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 10 in return. If 2 coins were played, 20 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 30 is the winning payout.
  • If any 3 Bar symbols appear by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 6 in return. If 2 coins were played, 12 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 18 is the winning payout.
  • If 3 Cherry symbols appear by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 4 in return. If 2 coins were played, 8 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 12 is the winning payout.
  • If 2 Cherry symbols appear by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 2 in return. If 2 coins were played, 4 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 6 is the winning payout.
  • If 1 Cherry symbol appears by the third reel and you have played 1 coin only, you will receive 1 in return. If 2 coins were played, 2 are received, and if 3 coins were played, 3 is the winning payout.
  • The Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine Bonus Game Wheel is summarized in the payout schedule. Credits, not coins are used to display the value of the Bonus Feature prizes. The following amounts may be won: 1,000, 800, 600, 400, 200, 100, 50 and 20 coins.

Limited Participation

What is the reason that not all the casinos possess their most popular slot machines was a question posed recently by several readers. From these readers, some were followers of Wheel of Fortune while lots of other readers were huge Monopoly fans. Although the two games could be found easily at the majority of casinos, the readers complained that the trouble was they were occupied most of the time. The problem is why should they have to wait in line and why aren�t these favorites more accessible?

There is a common bond shared by the Wheel of Fortune game and Monopoly although the games differ from one another and are produced by the same firms. Revenue participation games are the name of such games as recognized in the world of casinos. A casino does not purchase the machine when it sets up a participation game. The manufacturer owns the machine and both the casino and maker share the game�s income.    

Installing a participation game by a casino means that the managers must be persuaded of its popularity and that the share of the income enjoyed by the casino will be higher than that of possible revenue when purchasing a not so popular game and having all the revenue.  

There are casinos which do not in any way sign contracts for revenue sharing. The crux of the matter is that there are producers who frequently promote on the market as participation games their most up-to-date favorite games. Like their clients, the majority of casinos cannot withstand the temptation of operating Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly.

Jackpot Stories

If you really want to know the answer to the question “what are the big cash winners playing in the casinos”, the answer is: they are playing the slot machines with progressive jackpots. Here are some true stories from some recent lucky winners:

Riches to Rags to Riches
Paul Cook of Springfield, Illinois was not enjoying his vacation in Reno, Nevada last February. “My wife and I had booked the vacation there mainly because we like the skiing and the scenery.” He said. “But just two weeks before our flight out I had to shut down my air conditioning business and file for bankruptcy.

So we were not really in the mood but we couldn’t get a refund. One night we went out to dinner and on the way back to the car park, on impulse I put enough in one of the big slots for five pulls. The first two pulls, nothing – then on the third pull there are bells and alarms and sirens, I thought something had gone wrong with the machine but they told me I was now a millionaire. I just couldn’t believe it.” Paul walked away with over two million dollars.

Luck Turns at Last
Sixty year old John Ritchie of Tampa, Florida felt like he had it coming to him when he won the ten million dollar progressive jackpot at Excaliber in Las Vegas. “I’ve been playing slots for forty years, and I admit I really did drop a lot of money over that time.

Forty years I’ve never won any pot bigger than five thousand bucks, but it’s payback time. Now I can laugh at all the people over the years who kept telling me it’s a bad habit!” he said. Mr. Ritchie plans to take a Caribbean cruise, spend some time in Europe, and move to a luxury home in Vermont.

Change Brings Success
Jamaican Stephen Jones had already reached a degree of fame on his native island as a county cricketer, though he admits ruefully that he was never quite good enough to reach the world-beating national “West Indies” team. “We were visiting the New York area, and my wife and I found ourselves in Atlantic City.

Neither of us had ever gambled before, probably because like most Jamaicans we had both been brought up to believe it was wrong. But we found ourselves close to a casino so we said ‘why not’ and we put all the change in our pockets in the biggest slot machine we could find.

Unbelievably, on the very last pull of the reel – we had already turned away – the house jackpot came up and we won seven and a half million dollars! My wife actually fainted! We plan to do good works back home with most of the money because to be fair we already live pretty well, our children are all doing OK, so we don’t need it so bad. I hope it won’t change our lives too much” said Stephen.


The classic Wheel of Fortune, originally a television game show created by Merv Griffin that first aired on American television in 1975, was adapted into many video games after 1986.  The contestants of the game spin a giant carnival like wheel which determines the prize/cash that they can win and they then solve various word puzzles in order to win the respective prizes.

There are a number of video game versions of the Wheel of Fortune which can be broadly classified into PC Versions, Console Versions, Online Versions, Arcade Versions, Play-Along Versions, Slot Machines and several Hand Held Versions.

GameTek, through the years 1987-1990, created five computer games of Wheel of Fortune for Commodore 64, MS-DOS and Apple II. Sony Imagesoft released a PC Version in the June of 1994. Atari released three PC Versions (released in 1998, 2000 and 2002), developed by Artech Entertainment, Ltd.

Sony Online Entertainment released the “Wheel of Fortune 2” in 2007 which counts as the latest version of the game. Later a revised version, called the “Platinum Edition” was released in 2010 but the rules and graphics were mostly the same as the former version. 

The Console Versions include the Nintendo 64 version, a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, a version for the old Macintosh computers, the Commodore 64 version, versions for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System amongst others. The Commodore 64 version, released in 1986, was the very first Console Version. New features were added progressively in each new version but the basic game and rules remained more or less the same.

The Online version of the Wheel of Fortune was developed by Sony Entertainment and GSN Digital, together, for Facebook. The users can play with their friends to compete for virtual currency called “Wheel Bucks”. Stern Pinball, in 2007, released a Wheel of Fortune Pinball Machine.

The Arcade Version, developed by GameTek in 1988, has mostly the same rules like the game show with a few exceptions. The game can be played by one to three players and the users can select the difficulty of the puzzles. The game is a redemption game which means that no real money is won; it is only a game of score.

Mattel, in 1988, released a Play-Along Version of the Wheel of Fortune in which the players would point the device at the television monitor and play the game. The players could even program puzzles on their own. A second and third edition of the same was released in 1989 and 1994 respectively.

International Game Technology manufactured a series of Wheel of Fortune based Slot-Machines for the North American Casino and they released a Special Edition in 2004 and a Second version in 2006 with some new features like multiple players being allowed bonus spins at any given time.

There were several other versions of the Wheel of Fortune game too which were to be released but got cancelled, like in 1983, GameTek planned to release a version, which was never released due to the Video Game crash which occurred in the same year.